Time for a Poverty Free Saskatchewan

The recent changes to social assistance have resulted in a reduction in benefits, as well as increased housing insecurity for many across Saskatchewan. Anti-poverty advocates have been highlighting for months on how these changes would have a negative impact on our communities.

Join us in calling on Social Services Minister, Lori Carr, to reverse the changes to the Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) program.

Saskatchewan needs a strong response to poverty that addresses the following needs in our community;

  • Provide SIS recipients with full coverage of basic utilities.
  • Stop the clawback of the Saskatchewan Rental Supplement to SIS recipients.
  • Stop the clawback of damage deposits and small gifts of money.
  • Provide SIS recipients with the option of having their rent paid directly to their landlord and their utility bills paid directly to the utility providers.
  • Raise the SIS rate by $300 per month as a first step toward raising it above the poverty line.
  • Set income support rates on the basis of the cost of living.