Who We Are

The Regina & District Labour Council est. 1906 is the central body of labour for the city of Regina and a surrounding area of 30 kilometres. This includes the communities of Lumsden to the north, Balgonie to the east, and Pense to the west. The council is chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress and consists of organizations affiliated to or chartered by the Congress.

The Regina & District Labour Council represents over 30,000 affiliated members from 17 unions.

Labour Councils are the foundation of the labour movement and a key component of the social fabric within any community. The Labour Council plays a very important role in providing a social conscience and a powerful voice for working class citizens.

Labour Councils have the ability to organize collectively around issues that affect us every day, as well as provide support to both the organized and the unorganized alike. Through the volunteer work of unionized women and men, the Labour Council creates a way for workers to improve the quality of life in the community in which they live and work.


What We Do

  • CLC programs
  • Day of Mourning
  • United Way Day of Caring
  • Labour Day Celebrations
  • Labour Education
  • Network and Coalition Building
  • Labour Awards
  • Strike Support
  • Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner
  • Lobbying Governments
  • Equity Educations and Support

Unions Working Together

Labour Council activities provide opportunities to share information about issues that affect your union, your members, and your community. By identifying issues, we can build awareness, support, and collective action.

When locals participate on a regular basis at the Labour Council, other participating locals are made aware of the issues well before any conflict, strike, or lock-out takes place. This insures community and union support can be given quickly in an effort to resolve problems.

What the Regina & District Labour Council offers your delegates and your union:

  • The opportunity to report on issues affecting your membership.
  • Information about issues affecting unions in the area.
  • A network of activists and resources for support.
  • A way to take action and reach the larger community with your issues and concerns.
  • A progressive voice in the community.
  • An opportunity to grow and develop as an activist and as a leader within our community and the Labour Movement.
  • The satisfaction of being part of a group that is working towards a better community and a better society for all.


Shobna Radons President
Darin Milo Treasurer
Susan Butson Secretary



Regina becomes the second city in Saskatchewan, after Moose Jaw, to create a Labour Council


April 26, charters to the Council of The Canadian Congress of Labour and becomes the Regina Labour Council of the Canadian Congress of Labour


The Regina Labour Council makes it’s home in the newly opened Union Centre on 12th Ave and Angus St, where it remains to this day.


June 8, the Regina Labour Council is chartered to the Canadian Labour Congress


Regina Labour Council is renamed the Regina and District Labour Council (RDLC)


Partnership agreement signed between the United Way of Regina and the Regina & District Labour Council resulting in the hiring of the first United Way Regina Labour Staff representative.


The RDLC introduces a new logo


A new set of by-laws are introduced at the Annual General Meeting


A resolution is passed to elect auditors to 3 year alternating terms


The RDLC and the United Way of Regina partner up to present the 1st Annual Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner


The Labour Community Awards are introduced as an annual event


Introduction of the School Supply Program for the start of each school year

Introduction of the Equity Pot Luck Supper every November


Introduction of the Annual Equity and Human Resources Conference

Implementation of the Labour Advisory Committee


10th Anniversary celebration of the annual Awards Banquet


Amendments to the Constitution at the Annual General Meeting include the addition of a Youth Delegate from each affiliate and the addition of the United Way Regina Labour Staff representative as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.

Past Presidents

2018 – 2011: Ken Kubian (RWDSU)

2010 – 2011: Janice Bernier (AFM)

2005 – 2010: Terry Zahorski (CUPW)

1998 – 2005: Doug Foote (RWDSU)

1996 – 1997: Victor Lau

1995: George Rosenau

1993 – 1994: Debra Brin (CUPW)

1989 – 1992: Ron Torgerson (CWC/CEP)

1988: Alvin Huber

1985 – 1987: Eugene B. Fletcher (IAFF)

1984: Wayne Skrypnyk (USWA)

1983: Eugene B. Fletcher (IAFF)

1980 – 1982: Chuck Crystal (OCAW)

1975 – 1976: George Smith (OCAW)

1955 – 1975: ?

1955: J. Sawchyn

1906 – 1955: ?


Standing Committees:

  • Audit
  • Community Affairs
  • Education
  • Equity and Human Rights
  • Executive Board
  • Finance
  • Labour Community Services
  • Legislative and Political Action
  • Organizing/Strike Support
  • Public Relations
  • Resolutions
  • Youth


  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Union Label
  • Archivist


The Regina & District Labour Council represents more than 31,000 members from 19 unions.